Council Commitees

  • Service Committee

    Contact: Ashley Stewart

    The Service Committee is responsible for planning NPHC community service.


    Goals include of the Service Committee include:

    - NPHC co-sponsering of a philanthropy event with another campus organization

    - Hosting of roundtables/workshops for chapter philanthropy chairs

    - Recognition of chapters and members with outstanding contributions to philanthropy/service


    Scholarship Committee

    Secretary/Treasurer: Akrin Chinnery

    The Scholarship Committee will be responsible for all programming pertaining to the promotion of superior scholastic achievement through programs and award recognition.


    Goals of the Scholarship Committee include:


         - Sponsering of leadership events for both greek and non-greek students

         - Hosting of roundtable discussions for chapter new member educators


    Special Events Committee

    Director of Programs: Darien May

    The Special Events Committee oversees all educational and developmental programming in addition to receiving and distributing information regarding community events in which NPHC participates.


    Goals of the Special Events Committee include:


         - NPHC co-sponsering of events with other campus organizations

         - Print and media coverage for council, chapter, and individual accomplishments

            within NPHC